Frequently Asked Questions :

Is the service free?

The service is free. As high schoolers, we would like to do whatever we can to help out our community. We have pooled in money to create the website, and we all work for free in our spare time (while not attending school or doing homework!) 

Is your service provided only to the elderly (age 65 and above)?

Yes. Our service is currently limited only to the elderly, but we may expand to other groups in the future! 

What level of free service do you provide?

We can assist you either to get the appointment on your own or we can set up an appointment on your behalf. In the initial interest form, you can specify what level service you need.

Are you making any money from this effort?

Absolutely not! It is a free service run by committed volunteers to help out the community. 

How do you gather vaccination sites/appointments?

Our volunteers continuously look for the latest news media/social media/external sites and update our internal list. 

How accurate is the information on the website/vaccination sites?

We try to keep the information up to date. Please keep in mind the information gathered from various external sources, so we're not liable for inaccuracy.

How do you schedule the vaccination appointments?

Based on your preference, we will put you on the waiting list for all identified locations in our list. We also regularly update our site list with new locations/availability so that you get your appointments as soon as possible. Please watch your mobile phone or email for any communication. 

When do I expect an appointment?

We will do whatever we can to get you an appointment. But the time varies by various factors (e.g., vaccine availability, location, age, etc.)

Do you have a contact for me to reach out to you?

Please understand it is not a professional organization, but a group of volunteers running it. We don't have a professional organization setup. Please contact us via email at or through the contact us page. We will try to respond to you as early as possible.  Please keep in mind that we're high schoolers with tons of homework on the side, so please pardon us for any delay if you encounter one! 

Why do we need to fill out so much information for setting up an appointment?

The information is required for us to register you in different locations. We have reviewed common questions across various registration sites and came up with the questionnaire. Please refrain from using our free service if you're not comfortable or concerned about sharing the data.  

How safe is the provided information?

We use your data only to schedule appointments.  After the assistance with the appointment, we will delete the data permanently.

Why do you ask for the mobile phone service provider?

We respect our volunteer's privacy, so we send outgoing text messages via our central email account. For the email to send out texts, we need to add the phone carrier gateway to your ten-digit phone number hence the request.

How do we THANK YOU for the service provided? Do you accept any donations?

The service is free and we will be happy if we can help you out. We don't accept any form of payment or gift but we welcome your feedback!